So folks that is the 2020 season finished. What a season it has been for everyone! In our case we didnt know if we were going to get opened this year at all. Then we wondered if anyone would actually want to visit. But you did…and how!! Thank you so much to everyone who visited Watertop this year and supported us through an incredibly difficult time. A difficult time for all of us. I hope everyone was satisfied with the precautions and measures we had in place to try and protect us all from this horrible covid pandemic.
We have done our best to protect you, our staff and our family. We probably did not always get it right but I hope you will have seen that we have made every effort to do so.
So what now? Well, our activities, etc are now finished, although caravan/camping is still available until Halloween. We now get back to farming and looking after the sheep.
All being well we will be open next year at Easter for the start of the new season. Fingers crossed it will be a more normal year although things may never be quite normal again!!
Take care everyone and thankyou so much from everyone at Watertop.