Well hello 2018.
What are the chances of this being a cracker of a season with wall to wall sunshine?
We live in hope here at watertop!
Looking forward to welcoming you to Watertop at some point this season. All the usual favourites will be available with one or two upgrades and changes. Hoping to add a new fun activity this year but still trying to find the right spot for it.
Don’t forget to check opening times for activities if you want to Camp or Caravan as the activities are not always available at the same time as Caravan/Camping.
Oh and just to save you a bit of time..if you need to make a booking or enquiry outside of our opening times you are better to send an email to watertopfarm@aol.com. We are usually out working so no one to answer the phone at this time of the year sadly!!
So I’m off to dig out the sunglasses just incase….. hope to see you soon!!